How to google like a pro developer?

How to google like a pro developer?
Photo by Marten Newhall / Unsplash

Googling is one of the most underrated skills which experienced developers possess. Believe it or not, whether a coder is starting their career or 10 years into their career, they will always end up googling something or the other thing for their daily job. Let us now see quick tips on how to improve your googling skills.

  • Search a particular website for a given topic- In the search bar use site:<domain> <topic> for example, if you want to search Django articles on my website use the following Django pagination  
  • Search content with an exact phrase- To search pages with an exact phrase use a double inverted comma, for example, if I wanted to search "How to integrate Sentry for Django and Celery?" it would give you the page with the given content, but if you put another word in between then the result would change.
  • Search content with multiple keywords- Using the plus sign + with multiple keywords would give use results that have content with the given keywords. For example, if you want to search articles with Django and React use the query on google Django + React
  • Search content with certain keywords missing from the content- There would be scenarios where you are searching specific content but would get a lot of pages which has unwanted data. For example, if you are looking for jwt library in python which is not pyjwt , so you would search python jwt -pyjwt

There are few more tricks which google provides for an optimal search, check  this google reference guide for more details