Being in the tech industry for so many years, I have realized that at times we don't want to get into the intricacies of how things are happening for the time being but quickly want to find a basic solution or understand on a very high level about how to do things. The TLDR Tech is for those moments when we quickly want to understand something and move on, so that later on the weekend we can dig deep into the core concepts.

I would be writing blogs on all the concepts which I have come across while doing anything related to tech. Every blog would have a short TLDR section which would contain just enough information to unblock you to understand the high-level concept and make things work. For most posts(no guarantee), there would also be a detailed explanation on the same topic giving the details if you are interested in learning about it more.

PS- TLDR means Too Long Didn't Read; The idea of this name came from all the long blogs/articles I came across, I always wanted to jump down to the last part or find any section which mentioned TLDR. So when I decided to write blogs I made sure to create a TLDR section at the starting of every blog which can help all impatient readers like me. :)