How to get an emoji domain for your website?

How to get an emoji domain for your website?

Couple of years back I saw a weird domain printed on a marketing leaflet, it had emoji in the domain. The first impression I had–

Such a blunder, how could the team not check the domain name before printing the leaflets and also now they are distributing it .

After being skeptical, I took a step back and thought, "this is a company who are always cautious about their execution." So I went to my mobile browser and typed the domain, to my utter surprise, the website actually worked 🤯 . All of a sudden I became curious of this, and started to dig deeper into the tech behind it.

Emoji domains are something which has being around for quite sometime, in fact the first emoji domain was created on 2001. Let's quickly see how one can own a emoji domain.

Emoji Domain Name Registration: ❤︎ Your Emoji URL! 😀
As seen on Vice News / Gizmodo / Fortune! Over 25,000 emoji domain names registered! 🆕🆒😎 Emoji Domain URL!
  • You would see the punycode which would be the alphanumeric domain which you can purchase. For example - a❤ would be converted to the following string
  • You can purchase any emoji domain for free from Freenom service.
Freenom - A Name for Everyone

You can read more about how to purchase a domain for free for the lifetime. Below in my another blog.

How to get a free domain for lifetime?
Freenom can be used to purchase any domain for free. The TDL(Top Domain Level) which freenom allows are tk, ga, ml, cf, gq. You can get the domain free for lifetime.