How to explore Github repo in VS code?

How to explore Github repo in VS code?

The TLDR answer:

Though I am not a VS code user, but at times I have been tempted to give it a shot to VS code. Recently I came across something in VS Code which has changed everything for me. I have decided switch to VS code for next 1 week.

How many times in a week do you come across repositories which you to explore ?

If you are some like me then its 10+ times per week. And to do this here are the approaches:

  • Explore the file inside Github file explorer, though it works great for small tasks but definitely you would find the bottleneck when you want to do some advance task.
  • You can clone the repo locally and then see it using the IDE of your choice.
  • What if you could combine both the approaches? Enter

You can open any Github repo without cloning in the browser in VS code. This is a game changer for me. Suppose you want to see the code base of one of the repos like

An example web app build with django, celery, react, postgres and redis. - arghyaiitb/django-celery-postgres-redis-react-github-aws

All you need to do is add 1s after the github. here is what your link would be -

Notice the 1s after github

The best part is it doesn't even need any login or signup. Everything works just like your local IDE. :)

The detailed answer:

You already saw the advantages and the ease of use with In this part I shall discuss the details on how this project is implemented.

I would suggest you to dig deep into the codebase of github1s.

One second to read GitHub code with VS Code. Contribute to conwnet/github1s development by creating an account on GitHub.

Here is a summary of what I found out from my research.

  • The name is One second to read Github code with VS Code
  • Github1s is based on VS Code 1.52.1 version
  • This project uses the REST API of github
  • Since no backend support is required, the project is hosted on github pages.
  • There is a rate limit to unauthenticated Github REST api of 60 request per hour per IP address, so if you are facing any such issue you should move to authenticated request
  • If you are using Github Oauth token to authenticate yourself, the token stays inside the browser.