Django has built-in util that gives you the current Django version, get_version which I would suggest you use. But apart from that method, you can use any of the following commands from the python shell, where you have to install Django.

>>> import django
>>> django.get_version()
>>> django.VERSION
(3, 2, 4, 'final', 0)

>>> from django.utils import version
>>> version.get_version()
>>> version.get_complete_version()
(3, 2, 4, 'final', 0)

If you want to get the version of Django from the command line without getting inside the Django shell you can use any of the following commands. Do make sure have activated the virtual environment.

python -m django --version

django-admin --version

./ --version

python --version

python runserver --version

pip show django

pip freeze | grep Django